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G202 (4/29/2009) The Nike Case How was Nike’s operations different from other sports apparel producers? Why  were Nike’s practices under criticism? What were the major concerns of the labor  activists? Did any of the labor activist's criticisms apply directly to Nike’s operations? What  made Nike a strategic target for the activist (were there other viable targets)?  Was it fair to target Nike for labor abuses, given its unique business model? What was Nike’s initial public relations response and was it adequate? Did Nike  eventually do any internal or external monitoring of its business practices during 
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Unformatted text preview: the controversy? If yes, explain the steps that were taken. • The Nike Case • Did Nike ever admit labor violations? What changes did Nike implement in response to the controversy? Did they satisfy all the labor activists demands? • Looking at the case as a whole, could Nike have gotten away with doing less? Or do you think Nike should have done more? Are there any changes you could see in Nike’s strategic response to the labor accusations that would have improved Nike’s position in the scandal....
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