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G202 (4/13/2009) Topic 8: Greening of Corporations  o REQUIRED READINGS:      “Beer for Bessie” and “The FedEx and Environmental  Defense Case” o Online FedEx Case Discussion: Apr. 17 th —Apr. 19 th   o In-class FedEx Case Debriefing: Apr. 20 th   Profit Drivers of Sustainability o Sustainable business: Incorporating social and environmental interests into  business practices while still maintaining (or improving) profitability. o Strategic Sustainability: First mover advantage with: Industry technology (cost advantages). Regulatory compliance (shape future regulation). Government subsidies. Manage growing social risks (NGOs). Increase brand equity and reputation. Differentiate from competitors. Tap into new customer markets. Employee retention concerns. Attract green/socially-minded venture funds. External Damages
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19 download_doc-23.php - G202(4/13/2009)...

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