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G202 (4/6/2009) Private Politics Private Politics:  When NGO activists directly engage private firms with their concerns  instead of, or in addition to, trying to influence policy formation. Recall the normal political issue stages: Development, Politicization, Legislative, and Implementation. Private Politics In private politics, the last two stages are replaced with NGO engagement of  firms: Legislative Stage      is replaced with NGOs making direct demands on firms. Issue Threats: boycotts or negative PR. Promise Reward: PR endorsements or funding. Implementation Stage      is replaced with resolution of the NGO-firm dispute. Bargaining by the two sides to come to an agreement. May result in firm action, or may agree to disagree. The Rise of the NGO Why is there a rise in NGO Campaigns? Communication costs are rapidly decreasing. 
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Unformatted text preview: • Easier to organize and manage campaigns. • Public trust in corporations is declining. • Easier to sway public opinion against firms. • Government bureaucracy is getting thicker. • Policy-option can involve long delays. • Businesses are becoming more global. • Inter-government action is hard to bring together. • Targeting Behavior – What characterizes a good target? • Well-recognizable brand name. • Firms that have a leadership position in the industry. • Consumer product firms (down-stream firms). • Firms producing products with low-switching costs. • Sometimes, the ‘worst offenders’ are targeted, but not always. • Firms that have shown interest in the NGO’s issue in the past. – Targets are picked specifically to fit each NGO campaign....
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