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G202 (4/1/2009) Topic 7: Understanding NGO Behavior REQUIRED READINGS:      “Starbucks Case” Online Starbucks Case Discussion: Apr. 5 th —Apr. 7 th      In-class Starbucks Case Debriefing: Apr. 8 th    Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) NGOs are usually non-profit organizations that are formed without participation of  any government. Usually the NGO forms around a social movement to organize members  around the cause. NGOs are thus also often referred to as ‘civil society  organizations’
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Unformatted text preview: • NGOs are very narrowly focused to one issue, which gives them an advantage over firms that have many issues to think about. • Non-Market Forces • NGO Campaigns – Let’s look a a few NGOs in action: • Environmental NGOs: – Greenpeace • Anti-Airport Expansion • Anti-SUV campaign • Apple Campaign and Apple Response – Rainforest Action Network • Green SkyScrapers ! • Eco Barbie! • Billionaire’s for Coal...
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