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G202 (2/18/2009) Types of Conflict of Interest  Using confidential Information: Misuse of inside information  Outside Employment or Moonlighting: Holding multiple employment positions at one time, which biases  professional behavior  Post-Employment: Holding a sequence of employment positions where you carry a bias from  one job to the next  The Enron Case Why did the conflicts of interest exist with the following parties: Andersen Accountants? Sell-side Analysts? Investment Bankers? Lawyers? Consultants? Credit Raters? (For all above see forum discussions on OnCourse)
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Unformatted text preview: – How have we prevented some of the conflicts of interest going forward from the Enron Scandal? • The Enron Case – After the Enron debacle we have had an increased role of government regulation in financial markets. • For Example: The Sarbanes-Oxley Act – How can we judge the efficiency of the new regulations? • Compare benefits: • Reduced occurrence of financial accounting fraud. • to costs: • Firm compliance costs and government enforcement costs....
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