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Online Music Dist. In a Post-Napster World I. Intro a. June 3, 2002 Napster filed for bankruptcy i. Seemed to be anticlimactic because its services were shutdown since July 2001 b. Controversy over free internet continued i. Conflicting rights 1. The rights of artists and record labels to receive payment for their labors 2. The rights of consumers to share their favorite songs with fellow internet users 3. The rights of copyright holders to protect their intellectual property 4. The rights of entrepreneurs to push the limits of technology c. Dispute made record companies questions ways of business II. The Birth of Napster a. Napster was created by Shawn Fanning in 1999 i. Would spend hours on internet looking for files, but hard to find ii. Out of frustration tried to fix the problem himself 1. Napster was his nickname b. Fanning aimed to create a real time system for locating mp3s from other users i. Wanted a virtual community of fans who could use the web as a free swap meet for music files 1. Skeptics said this was unlikely because people are selfish and don’t want to share III. The Napster Phenomenon
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a. June 1, 1999 fanning released beta Napster versions to about 30 friends i. Within a few days thousands had downloaded the program 1. Within a year it reached a million b. Easy to use c. College students were the first to catch on
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19 download_doc-6.php - Online Music Dist. In a...

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