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19 download_doc-5.php - o Majoritarian Politics Example...

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February 4, 2009 Day 5 Slide 8 (The special Interest Effect) o Logrolling Aka vote trading Involves risk because there is a time component If you’re the last project to be voted there is a change that people won’t keep their word o Pork Barrel Legislations AKA issue bundling and earmarking Involves less risk as all projects ar voted on together Slide 9 (The Lobbying Process) o Functions of a lobbyist Find: political ops. And threats Inform: politicians and influence public opinion Form: coalitions Identify groups with sin interests o 527 Group Spend more money Soft money : money spend on issues A lot of 527 groups cross the line: illegal o PACs Regulated because they try to directly influence elections Vote for this candidate not other
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Slide 10 (Types of Political Action) o Concentrated: small group relative to the whole Slide 11 (Types of Political Action)
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Unformatted text preview: o Majoritarian Politics Example: social security Lobbying at the end of day SS is forced retirement No incentive o Client Politics Example: subsidizing Foreign Advertising Lobbying will likely be successful Example: Mohair farmers • Slide 12 (Types of Political Action cont) o Interest Group Politics Example: Tax credit for SUV purchases Lobbying out comes depend on the relative strength of lobbying SUV company VS. Environmentalists o Entrepreneurial Politics Example: Nuclear waste dumps Lobbying: successful lobbying will be costly Wide benefits concentrated costs • Slide 13 (Life Cycle of an Issue) o Development Stage Insert big event o Politicization Stage Enough politics must support issue o Legistaltion Where food reform is stuck...
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19 download_doc-5.php - o Majoritarian Politics Example...

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