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J370 Session 6 Cost Leadership Class Session #6 Dr. Siri Terjesen Administration Cool stuff to think about applying for in the future Another very cool opportunity for Finance folks… Campus for Finance (WHU Koblenz, Germany) January 14-15, 2010 http://www.campus-for-finance.com/ http://www.campus-for-finance.com/index.php?id=1299 From the website: Meet more than 200 invited international students from leading universities around the world Discuss current developments in the financial industry with renowned academic experts and business leaders Engage in networking opportunities Explore behavioral finance theories Get to know our sponsors during the Corporate Fair, workshops Your accommodation in guest house, meals (incl. gala dinner) and entrance to the final party are included in the participation fee of 70 EUR. Students receive travel subsidies to cover a part of their expenses. Travel subsidy: from United States = 400,- € * See their website later this month or next month and apply ASAP! Really cool Career Strategy read: Nobodies to Somebodies (Peter Han) Value of Brand as a Resource Competition in the Bag Examples of Firms With a Cost Leadership Strategy… Cost Leadership in the Airline Industry… http://video.google.com/videosearch?hl=en&source=hp&q=easy%20jet&um=1&ie=UTF- The Strategic Management Process Business Level Strategies Refers to the strategic choices managers make about how to position a specific business and/or
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21download_doc-29.php - J370 Session 6 Cost Leadership...

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