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J370 Session 1 Why is Strategy part of J370? Strategy matters- it’s the difference between: Meeting (or exceeding) your ten year goal and never getting there Success and failure Excellence and mediocrity A terrific manager and an average manager Moving through life with purpose and stumbling through it Syllabus Review Required text: J370 book Lectures: Reading is fundamental Homework/Quizzes: Oncourse’s Original Test & Survey application (first quiz available now, up for one week, readings-based) Exams: multiple choice questions from in-class and assigned text (5 weeks)
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Unformatted text preview: Clickers: Register & bring your ‘clicker’ Guest Speakers: Possible (Toyah Miller, Jenny House, others?) • What is Strategy? “Defines a desired objective and communicates what will be done by whom, how, for whom and why the output is valuable” – Huff, Floyd, Sherman & Terjesen “A firm’s theory about how to gain competitive advantage” – Barney & Hesterly Competitive advantage -the ability to create more economic value than competitors (win) Strategy asks the BIG question: Why do some firms succeed while others fail ?...
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