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What is the purpose of supply chain software o Make sure supply equals or meets demand Why do the results of the McKinsey research differ so much? o Although they all had the same software and same strategy, they implemented it very differently By saying the marketplace is dynamic, this means what? o Picture of the future, not just the past What are the 4 best practices in implementation o Fix critical broken practices first o Promise only what you can deliver in the time frame you can deliver it in o Improve training o *make everybody accountable The Spartacus example is an illustration of what practice? o Make everybody accountable Organizations just hire what type of people? o Just nice guys What did Hamilton do for pro sports? o Widen the orgs boundaries The movie U-571 illustrates the 13 th universal of leadership. What is it? o The 1 st person to lead is yourself, have to be confident to lead What do the organizations that live to reach age 50 have that others don’t? o Strong cultures Which is culture o Knowledge
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People o Knowledge transmitted between people o All of the above C Do we want great structure, great culture or both o both what are the three baskets o bias o mission o operation What does MBWA stand for o Managing by walking around Napolean is an example of a leader who did what excellence concepts? What basket is this in? o Hands on, value drive … bias for action Stick to the knitting means you should focus on what? This is in what basket? o Core competencies, nature of orgs mission The Ohio bell story is an example of what concept? What basket is this in? o Close to the customer, nature of the orgs mission Your values should simultaneous be what? What object is an example of this? What’s the difference between the two? What basket does this fall under? o
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21download_doc-25.php - What is the purpose of supply chain...

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