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Implementing Strategic Change I. Overview a. In today’s global environment, change rather than stability is the order of the day b. One of the principal reasons companies fail is their inability to change themselves and adapt to a new competitive environment i. Because of organizational inertia 1. Once an org has been created and task and role relationships are defined a set of forces is put into operation that makes an org resistant to change c. There is a tendency of orgs to continue to rely on the skills and capabilities that made them successful even when those capabilities do nt match the new competitive environment d. Power and political processes influence the decision-making process and the selection of organizational objectives e. Strategic change i. The movement of a company away from its present state toward some desired future state to increase its competitive advantage 1. Three kinds a. Reengineering b. Restructuring c. Innovation II. Reengineering a. Often because of drastic unexpected changes in the environment strategic managers need to develop a new strategy and structure to raise the level of their business’s performance b. Definition
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i. The “fundamental” rethinking a radical redesign of business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in critical contemporary measures of performance 1. Such as cost, quality, service, and speed c. *Must completely rethink how the org goes about its business i. Make business processes the focus of attention
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21download_doc-24.php - I mplementing Strategic Change I...

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