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Contemporary Change Issues for Today’s Managers Intro o Two issues have risen above the rest as current change topics Stimulating organizational innovation Creating a learning organization Innovation o Characteristics or groups that change agents should consider introducing into their org if they want to create an innovation climate Structural Cultural Human resource categories o Change refers to making things different o Innovation is a specialized kind of change A new idea applied to initiating or improving a product, process, or service o *All innovations involve change, but not all changes involve new ideas or lead to significant improvements o Sources of innovation *Structural variables have been the most studied source of innovation Organic structures positively influence innovation o Because they are lower they are more flexible and make the adoption of innovations easier Long tenure in management is associated with innovation Innovation is nurtured where there are slack resources
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Interunit communication is high in innovation organizations o High users of mechanisms that facilitate interaction across
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21download_doc-23.php - C ontempora ry Change Issues for T...

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