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Strategy and Ethics Intro o Any strategic action inevitably affects the welfare of its stakeholder Employees, suppliers, customers, stockholders, the local communities in which it does business, and the general public The purpose of business ethics o *to give people the tools for dealing with the moral complexity tools that they can use to identify and think through the moral implications of strategic decisions o the task to make two central points business decisions do have an ethical component managers must weigh the ethical implications of strategic decisions before choosing a course of action shaping the ethical climate of an org o a company must establish an organizational climate that emphasizes the importance of ethics requires three steps top managers have to use their leadership position to incorporate an ethical dimension into the values they stress the ethical values must be incorporated into the company’s mission statement ethical values must be acted on
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Unformatted text preview: • thinking through ethical problems o mangers must be able to think through the ethical implications of strategic decisions in a systematic (4 steps) evaluating a proposed strategic decisions from an ethical standpoint, mangers must identify which stakeholders the decision will effect and in what ways • need to determine whether the proposed decision would violate the rights of any stakeholders o rights: the fundamental entitlements of a stakeholder judging the ethics of the proposed strategic decision, given the information gained in step 1 • should be guided by various moral principles that should not be violated • should also be guided by the decision rule that is chosen to assess the proposed strategic decision establishing moral intent • they company must resolve to place moral concerns ahead of other concerns in cases in which either the rights of stakeholders or key moral principles have been violated engage in ethical behavior...
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21download_doc-22.php - • thinking through ethical...

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