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The 7-S Framework Intro o The picture of the thing is not the thing In the same way a structure is not an organization o Productive organization change is not simply a matter of structure It is not a simple as the interaction between strategy and structure o * effective organization change is really the relationship between Structure, strategy, systems, style, skills, staff and super ordinate goals o *central idea: organization effectiveness stems from the interaction of several factors The idea that a multiplicity of factors influence an organization’s abilty to change and its proper mode of change There is an interconnectedness of the variables It is impossible to make significant progress in one area without making progress in the others as well 90% of carefully planned strategies don’t work *Because a failure in execution- resulting from the inattention to the other S’s Structure o * the central problem in structuring today is how to divide up task in order to make all things work The challenge lies not in trying to comprehend all the possible dimensions of organization structure, but in developing the ability to focus on those dimensions which are currently important to the organizations evolution Strategy o Structure follows strategy
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A strategy of diversity forces a decentralized structure o Clear ideas about strategy make the job of structural design more rational o *Strategy means those actions that a company plans in response to or anticipation of changes in its external environment- its customers and competitors
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21download_doc-20.php - The 7-S Framework Intro o The...

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