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July 7, 2009 I. The Hawkins Experiment a. A british school teacher, did an experiment which was publicized and gm manager saw article at the dentist office i. Basics of experiment 1. 60 school children a. 30 middle class b. 30 working class 2. All children saw four pictures and described what they saw ii. Results (working class/ Middle class) 1. Vocab a. HML/HML 2. Intellegence a. HML/HML 3. Perception a. HML/HML 4. High Variety role set a. No/Yes i. Yes 1. A collateral org creates this a. Each segment had own language that locks them out of different worlds, but when put together you see the big picture b. Important II. Granovetter
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Unformatted text preview: a. 2 Boston Neighborhoods i. Picture 1. One had strong ties died 2. One had weak ties lived ii. Neighborhoods had 2 main differences 1. 1 st a. 1 died b. 1 lived 2. 2 nd a. 1 had strong ties b. 1 had weak ties b. Why did the hood with the strong ties die and weak ties live? i. Strong ties were so wrapped up in eachother they didnt reach out to others for help c. Collateral orgs i. Builds networks 1. SOWT a. Strength of weak ties i. Forms connections 1. Ill take care of it a. Have people in low places, people who have your back...
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21download_doc-19.php - a. 2 Boston Neighborhoods i....

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