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June 24, 2009 I. Obituary a. Read rock stars obituary and say to yourself “man I wish I knew this when the guy was alive” b. This guy was a pitcher for the Yankees i. “a funny admiral guy” → according to a teammate 1. Would stay in the clubhouse, writing to children that had written to him ii. Hamilton was a misshaped pitcher 1. Children who go mocked though he would understand their pain a. He did iii. Moral not what you look like that counts, its what’s in your character
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Unformatted text preview: c. Hamilton i. Never a great pitcher, but did something for the team and pro-sports 1. “humanized” them a. Orgs should recruit “just nice guys” i. Go beyond themselves, look outside of org and involve others 1. Widen organizations boundaries II. The movie: u-571 a. The 13 th universal of leadership i. The 1 st person to lead is yourself 1. You must be confident to lead...
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