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June 6, 2009 I. Change and organized learning a. A major change in modern times is the booming amount of info i. Ignorance = an asset ii. Knowledge = a liability II. Ways ignorance is an asset a. Brake on detrimental action b. Spur to beneficial action c. Cousins, brothers, aunts in family of ignorance III.Ignorance as a break a. Focused search for solution leads companies to outsmart themselves i. Example: a moving van company 1. Wanted to be the biggest, hear that the British Air force would have to abandon old base and move to another one a. Air force set the job out to bid i. Company low bid → would lose money but knew if they won this job and performed well they would have an “advertising bonanza” b. Had one truck load that was dangerous → decided to have driver use back roads → driver had a very detailed guide book i. Didn’t account for a train → killed 8 ppl 1. Because the people were too dependent on the guidebook
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Unformatted text preview: a. Created a false sense of security IV.Ignorance as a sput a. Allows us to be fresh (freshness) i. Marlowe → detective ii. Double helix → discovered by unknown scientists b. Symbolic crusades i. Attempt to overturn the conventional wisdom 1. Example: people called Gandhi crazy V. Cousins and aunts of ignorance a. Forgetting i. Y = a + bx+bx…. . ii. US air raid → bombed building with forms → allowed spears to get around the red tape b. Throwing away i. Example: class notebook → start there, but move beyond it c. Not seeing i. Example: green lieutenant d. Magic i. When there is high hope and high fear 1. hope 2. fear VI.Transformation a. Data → info→ knowledge→ wisdom i. There are many roads to wisdom and knowledge is one, ignorance may be another VII. Why companies fail a. Organizations must unlearn the old in order to learn the new...
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21download_doc-11.php - a Created a false sense of security...

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