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Unformatted text preview: We want bot h → allows ever yone t o benefit June 8, 2009 I. Strategy a. The basic characteristics of the match an organization achieves with its environments b. A two way adaptive process c. Verbs II. The 8th rule to doing business in china a. In death ground i. Means we and our Chinese partner have failed at following the 1st 7 rules III. Chinese words a. Guanxi (pg 116) i. The brotherhood of companies b. Shang Chang Ru Zhan Chang (pg 116) i. The marketplace is like a battlefield c. Bing fa (pg 116) i. The book of military proverbs ii. The Chinese equivalent of “common sense” iii. Problem: 1. Have contradictory concepts that one must look at based on the circumstances of your situation d. Weakness of strength (pg 118) i. Opponent’s momentum Zen → yin & yang (pg 117) ii. Yang → push, aggressive iii. Yin → yielding e. Reng Qing (pg 121) i. Last things first, human feelings 1. The things that stay in your memory because you act on those feelings that you remember ii. Be a modest winner 1. Never take their face (pride) IV. What the rules have in common a. Dance b. Martial art c. Intricate d. Complex e. Active i. Not placid f. Every little movement has a meaning all its own V. Bing Fa a. Combine in yourself the dove and the serpent i. Know yourself, the variety of different roles into one b. Travel where there is no enemy (don’t want major conflict) c. Retreat is another form of advance i. If we can get what we want without conflict do so d. Offering an enemy a bait to lure them then feigning disorder striking him i. Pretend 1. Weak when strong, strong when weak, strong when strong, weak when weak VI. Business in china is like: a. Choreography b. Poker i. Every hand’s a winner, every hand’s a loser 1. Everyone is always giving “tells”, signals ii. Never play the cards, always play the player ...
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21download_doc-10.php - We want bot h → allows ever yone...

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