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Want both efficiency and effectiveness Objective measures June 1, 2009 I. Intro Efficiency i. Doing things right b. Effectiveness i. Doing the right thing 1. Right road strategy II. Waswanippi cree example a. Northern Ontario, Canada b. Can’t farm → frozen land c. Only have 8 weeks a year to hunt for a protein source Moose Small Game Yield 10.4 kilos 1.3 kilos Diet Should 100% 0% Diet Might 90% 10% Diet Is 50% 50% i. Having a 50/50 diet 1. Shows inefficiency a. But effective because if they killed more moose, they would be over hunted and gone III. Quality building block a. 4 building blocks (E, I, Q, CR) b. Costs of quality → some unavoidable, others avoidable i. Avoidable costs→ don’t want to pay these costs 1. Scrapped materials
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2. Labor hours to repair 3. Complain processing ii. Unavoidable costs → want to pay these b.c. they are not only costs, but investments too 1. Inspection 2. Sampling 3. Quality control c. Views of quality → shields i. Total quality
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Not just manufacturing; interfunctional teams (purchasing, design, marketing) share responsibility ii. Zero defects 1. Motivation and incentives to change and improve attitudes of employees iii. Quality can hurt you if you ignore it IV.8 dimensions of quality a. Features i. Bells and whistles (bad view) ii. Choices, options (ok view) iii. Custom build it yourself (great view) 1. Ford and all b. Reliability i. When (and how often) does it need to be repaired c. Durability i. When does it need replacement d. Conformance i. Does it meet established standards 1. Target range ii. Service as well as manufacturing e. Performance i. Acceleration handing, safety, comfort ii. Fast food f. Serviceability i. Speed, courtesy, competence, case of repair, complaint handling ii. Ex: Nordstroms Aesthetics iii. Look and feel g. Perceived quality i. Reputation, brand name...
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21download_doc-8.php - 1 Not just manufacturing...

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