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May 28, 2009 10 Box Full Professional SWOT Model of the Strategy Process I. 5 Characteristics a. Rigid order i. One will always come before 2 b. Salvationary c. Mundane i. Boring, dry, everyday d. Perpetual i. They don’t stop… box 76 is box 6 e. All are important II. 10 Box SWOT Model a. Basic info i. Boxes 1-8 1. Strategy formulation a. “design of purpose” b. 3 logics i. Goals come before strategies ii. External comes before internal iii. Long term comes before short term 1. Strategy implementation a. “accomplishment of purpose” b. Mission
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i. Words that are the truth, but not the whole truth- the part of the truth that is motivational ii. Tells the purpose → who we are, where we’re going c. External Analysis i. Threats ii. Opportunities d. Internal Analysis i. Strengths 1. Don’t be afraid of success, but don’t focus 2. Weaknesses ii. Weaknesses
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Unformatted text preview: e. Interactive Analysis i. Both external and internal at the same time f. Long term Goals i. What are you going to do ii. 5-20 years iii. Ex: market share 25% in 5 years iv. Based on analysis from 1 st 4 steps g. Long term Strategies i. How are you going to do it 1. Build a. Bring new people in 2. Win a. Take share away from rivals 3. Acquire a. Mergers and acquisitions add their share to our share h. Short term Goals i. 1 year i. Short Term Strategies j. Strategy Implementation k. Monitoring, control, feedback III. Sample Question a. Where is our need for knowledge the greatest b. Where is our current knowledge the lowest? i. Strategy implementation ii. Strategy formulation iii. Internal analysis iv. External analysis c. Answer i. Strategy implementation...
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21download_doc-4.php - e. Interactive Analysis i. Both...

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