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1.1. S TRATEGY . Levels of strategy (only 3 and not 4) ( Functional – different department strategies ( Business – domain navigation. How to gain competitive advantage in the product market. Porter’s 5 forces are business level strategy ( Corporate – domain selection. What business will we be in? ( Global (this one is not a level) ( Strategy is basic characteristics of the match an organization achieves with its environments 2-way adaptive process, no longer at the mercy of the environment 1.2. T EN BOX SWOT MODEL . Five characteristics : ( Rigid order ( Salvationary ( Mundane ( Perpetual ( All parts are important ( Ten box SWOT model e Mission ( External analysis – threats and opportunities ( Internal analysis – strengths and weaknesses ( Interactive analysis – SWOT all together ( Long term goals – what are you going to do ( Long term strategies – how are you going to do it ( One year goals – part of long term goals ( Short term strategy ( Strategy implementation
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Monitoring, feedback, control ( More on SWOT: e Steps 1 thru 8 are called strategy formulation. There are 3 logics behind them: ( Goals before strategies ( External before internal ( Long term before short term ( Steps 9 and 10 are called strategy implementation (most important boxes) 1.3. S TRATEGIC DECISION MAKING ( PAGE 22) . Seven steps to higher quality decision making : ( In steps 1 thru 5 and 7 she makes the decision
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21download_doc.php - 1.1 STRATEGY Levels of strategy(only 3...

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