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L293 Professor Brown Terms/Concepts to know for Exam #3 Negligence : Negligence Duty Actual cause Proximate cause Ordinary prudence Invitee Licensee Negligence per se Intervening cause Red Ipsa Loquitur Eggshell skull plaintiff Contributory negligence Comparative negligence Assumption of risk Strict liability Abnormally dangerous activities Product Liability : Express Warranty Affirmation Guarantee Basis of the Bargain Implied Warranty of Merchantability Unmerchantable Implied Warranty of Fitness for a Particular Purpose Negligent Manufacture Negligent Inspection Adequate Warnings Negligent Design Res Ipsa Loquitur Magnitude Severity Industry Practice State of the Art Social Utility Strict Liability Statute of Limitations Privity Consequential Damages Punitive Disclaimer Remedy Limitation Unconscionable Assumption of Risk Contributory Negligence Product Misuse
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Agency Law Agency Principal Agent Non-delegable Express authority Actual authority Apparent authority Implied authority General agent
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22download_doc-6.php - L293 Professor Brown Terms/Concepts...

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