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L293 Professor Brown Tort Law Terms to Know for Exam #2 Tort Terms: Tort Recklessness Battery Assault Apprehension Imminent Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress False Imprisonment Confinement Appreciable Conditional privilege Absolute privilege Defamation Libel Slander Slander per se Publication “Of and concerning” Special damages Presumed damages Actual malice Public Figure Public Official Intrusion on Solitude or Seclusion Public Disclosure of Private Facts
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Unformatted text preview: False Light Publicity Attribute Commercial Appropriation of Name or Likeness Malicious Prosecution Wrongful use of civil proceedings Abuse of process Deceit Detriment Trespass to land Unauthorized Private nuisance Substantial Tangible/intangible Conversion Dominion Acquisition Negligence Duty Actual cause Proximate cause Ordinary prudence Invitees Licensees...
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