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L293 (2/16/2009) Moot Court Planning & Strategy Your Responsibilities o You will be preparing and presenting an appellate argument, together with your teammate o A team-prepared written brief is due by 5:00 pm on Wednesday, March 4 o Oral arguments will take place Sunday, March 8; Monday, March 9; and Tuesday, March 10 o You will be competing against Prof. Rubin’s L293 class (and you will WIN!) What is Moot Court?? o Moot court is a simulated legal argument before a hypothetical appellate court o Basic structure: You will receive the case, which includes the facts of the underlying dispute, the opinion from the lower court that is being challenged, and two issues that you must resolve. You must then research and prepare for that case as if you were lawyers for one of the parties. During oral argument, each team will have 30 minutes. Each teammate should present one of the two issues. Important Notes About Appellate v. Trial Court Procedure o There is no jury in an appeals court o You will argue before a panel of judges, who will interrupt you and ask questions throughout your presentation
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22download_doc-7.php - L 293 (2/16/2009) Moot Court...

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