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Shifting Your Thinking Patterns (1/14/09) Thinking like a lawyer o “requires critical thinking, or the ability to evaluate arguments logically, honestly, and objectively” Strategies o 1. Accept ambiguity “It Depends” o 2. Argue Both Sides o 3. Question everything Even the answer! Non Sequiturs o “it does not follow” “Professor Brown works in a large building, so her office must also be large” o Types of Non Sequiturs Affirming the consequent If I’m a human, then I’m a mammal I am a mammal Therefore, I am a human Denying the antecedent Appeals to pity o Commercials for the needy children in Africa o Helping the needy pets False Analogy o X and Y are both big companies o X did this, so should Y Circular Reasoning o “You can’t give me a C. I am an A student” Argumentum ad populum o
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Unformatted text preview: Bandwagon fallacy o Everyone else is doing it • Argumentum as Baculum o Argument to club o Threat, intimidation • Argumentum ad hominem o Argument against the man o Don’t trust him – he’s a Republican/Democrat • Argument from authority o You can’t argue with me, I’m the professor • False Cause o Believing one thing led to another because it came before it • The Gambler’s Fallacy o Believing the odds have changed in favor of a certain way, when they have and will not o Something is due to happen • Appeals to Tradition o Doing things because they have always been done that way • Reductio ad Absurdum o Slippery slope o Taking things to an absurd conclusion • Lure of the new o Doing something because it is the newest thing available...
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22download_doc-1.php - Bandwagon fallacy o Everyone else is...

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