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I. Operations Management a. Definition of Operations Management i. The design operation and improvement of systems that creates the firm’s primary products and services b. Types of OM Decisions i. Strategic 1. Long Term (5-20 years) 2. Often involves acquisition of new resoures ii. Tactical 1. Medium term (1-5 years) 2. How to use existing resources iii. Operational 1. Short term (less than 1 year) 2. Day to day activities 3. Execution of schedules or control activities c. Transformation Systems i. Definition 1. A user of resources to transform inputs into some desired outputs ii. Types 1. Physical 2. Locational 3. Exchange 4. Storage 5. Physiological
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Informational d. Current Issues in OM i. Coordinate the relationships between mutually supportive but separate organizations 1. Outsourcing a. Let people that do things well do them b. Ex: IU car shop ii. Increased co-production of goods and services iii. Optimizing global supplier, production, and distribution networks iv. Managing the customers experience during the service encounter v. Raising awareness of operations as a significant competitive weapon 1. Ex: Dell a. Successful because how they assemble computers through operations not the computer...
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23download_doc-4.php - 6. Informational d. Current Issues...

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