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I-Core Segmentation Targeting Differentiation positioning STDP Marketing Environment and Assessment Tools STDP Evaluating Market Segments How we consider segmentation depends on which way we are looking: Are we looking to our customers and benefits they want? Are we looking at groups of customers by categories? Which might lead to better CLV data? What are bases for segmentation? _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ See table 6.1 HBR article How can we fit the Harvard article with the text? Introduction to Segmentation Segmentation Basis Geographic Demographic Usage Psychographic Multiple Segmentation Basis Benefits Sought Effective Segmentation Measurable Accessible Substantial Differentiable Actionable STDP Competitive Assessment Company Capabilities
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Consistency with existing products and Distribution Profitability How to choose a targeting strategy
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Unformatted text preview: How to choose a targeting strategy Stylish Advertisements. Design incorporated into the products. Exclusive Distribution Great Service Premium Pricing Extremes Vertical Differentiation Chiquita vs. Bananas Horizontal Differentiation HP vs. Compaq computers Positioning Statement Who are the Customers What needs are fulfilled Why is the offer the best to fill the needs? ______________ Map = a.k.a. Perceptual Map Positioning Statement Lite Beer is the Best Tasting beer among all low calorie beer offerings because Miller didnt sacrifice taste to save calories. Positioning USP (Unique Selling Proposition) Tastes Great! Less Filling Assignment Read Text Chapter 7: Products, Services, and Brands: Building Customer Value Read HBR The Marketing Mix beginning on page 87 in your Course Pack. Homework...
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