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Class 17 I. Ethics a. The study of moral behavior b. Principles that can largely be derived from morals c. Webster’s definition i. *the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation d. Ethics is two things i. The based standards of right and wrong that prescribe human actions ii. *the study and development of ones ethical standards 1. Ensures that we and the institutions we help to shape live up to standards that are reasonable and solidly based II. Ethics in corporations a. Corporations are only collections of individuals b. Individuals have always had a self interest in acting ethically and in having their institutions c. The “Ethics in marketing” wave i. A result of the increasing info liquidity and transparency that constituents of a company’s micro environment have into the behavior of a company from an ethical standpoint
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Unformatted text preview: III. Social Entrepreneurship a. Triple bottom line i. Return to investors ii. Environmentally sustainable iii. Fair to employees IV.Graphs a. The US is the biggest contributor based to the Global development fund i. But the smallest contributor based on giving as a percent of Gross national income b. A small percentage of the population is responsible for the majority of private consumption according to recent UN studies c. Sustainability efforts by companies may be only a band aid on a bigger problem of too much consumption i. A recent UN study found that current levels of global consumption are not consistent with stewardship of the natural environment V. Can you answer these? a. The ethics in marketing wave is the result of two things… what are they? b. Social entrepreneurship has how many bottom lines? What are they?...
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23download_doc-2.php - III Social Entrepreneurship a Triple...

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