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Math 1022.016 Syllabus

Math 1022.016 Syllabus - Department of Mathematics | Temple...

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MATHEMATICS SPRING 2011 COURSE SYLLABUS For other mathematics syllabi, click here . Course: Mathematics 1022.016. Course Title: Precalculus. Time: TR 9:50 - 11:30. Place: BB 202. Instructor: Downing, Marilena. Instructor Office: Wachman Hall 633. Instructor Email: Instructor Phone: 215-204-9055; [email protected] Course Web Page: Blackboard Organization: Math 1022 - Precalculus Office Hours: TR 1:30-3:00. Prerequisites: Mathematics placement, grade of C or better in Math 1021 (C073) or transfer credit for Math 1021 (C073). Textbook: Notes and exercises will be posted on the Blackboard organization named Math 1022 - Precalculus. No textbook is required. Course Goals: Prepare students for Calculus. Topics Covered: Topics include functions and function operations, one-to-one and inverse functions, exponential and logarithmic functions and equations, trigonometric functions and equations, inverse trigonometric functions, basic trigonometric identities and polar coordinates. The course also contains a brief review of algebraic functions. Course Grading: Review Quiz: 3%; Weekly Quizzes/Online Homework: 14%; Tests 1, 2 and 3: 17% each; Cumulative Final: 32%. Exam Dates: Review Quiz – Tuesday, January 25; In-Class Weekly Quizzes - on non-test weeks, quizzes will be scheduled (typically on Thursday); Common Midterms Main Campus - Test 1: Wednesday EVENING, February 16, 5:50 pm - 7:20 pm, room to be announced; Test 2: Wednesday EVENING, March 23, 5:50 pm - 7:20 pm, room to be announced; Test 3: Wednesday EVENING, April 20, 5:50 pm - 7:20 pm, room to be announced; Common Final - THURSDAY, May 5, 3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m., room to be announced. BE AWARE THAT THE FINAL IS SCHEDULED BY TEMPLE AT A SPECIAL TIME OUTSIDE OF THE FINAL EXAM MATRIX.
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