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Reading Guide: A Clockwork Orange *the reading response questions are clearly indicated below; the other questions will serve to guide your reading and our class discussions and do not require written responses. Part I, ch. 1 thru 4 Reading Response 1/24: What effect does Alex’s narrative language have on his (and our) perception of the evening’s events? 1) p.4 Alex admits he and his droogs don’t need money, so why do they embark on an evening of violence? 2) p. 14 Why not look like you had been in a fight when indeed you had? 3) p. 16 Why is Alex disappointed? What about giving the police “a bit of lip music”? What is the affect? 4) p. 17 What do you think is the source of Alex’s contempt for the old drunk? 5) p. 20-21 What does the way Alex describes his encounter with Billyboy and his droogs do for our understanding of his perception/state of mind? 6) p. 26 the theme of the novel? 7) p. 30, 31 Why do Alex and his droogs push the auto into the canal? Tear out the seat padding and break the glass on the train? 8) p.33-34 Why does Alex “tolchock” Dim, and why does Dim react the way he does? 9) p. 34-36 What is the ensuing argument about? 10) p.39 How would you describe Alex’s experience with the music? 11) p.42-43 What is Alex’s dream about? 12) p.45 What do P.R. Deltoid’s remarks reveal about his social outlook? How do they relate to “A Clockwork Orange”? 13)
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Burgessredgd - Reading Guide: A Clockwork Orange *the...

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