701-10-007 - English 701:007 Introduction to Academic...

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English 701:007 Introduction to Academic Discourse Fall 2010 MW 9:00-10:40 Dr. Gregory Winch, AB 1127 Office Hours: TR 10:45-11:45 Phone: (215) 204-7349 E-mail: gwinch@temple.edu Website: http://TUPortal.temple.edu. Then click on “Blackboard” * Any student who has need for accommodation based on the impact of a disability should contact me privately as soon as possible to discuss the specific situation. To coordinate reasonable accommodations for documented disabilities, contact Disability Resources and Services, (215) 204-1280, 100 Ritter Annex. Required Texts Composing Gender . Ed. Rachel Groner and John O’Hara. New York: Bedford/ St. Martin’s, 2009. Hacker, Diana. A Pocket Style Manual (Fifth edition) . New York: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2008. El Saadawi, Nawal. Woman at Point Zero . London: Zed Books, 1983. *always bring the text we are discussing to class. Course Description In this course we will examine gender and gender roles in American culture. While gender will be the topic of our semester-long discussion, our focus will be on developing the reading and writing skills necessary to achieve in college. Be prepared to do a con- siderable amount of work in this class, to read carefully and take notes on each reading assignment, and to revise the essays you will write many times throughout the semester. The aim of this course is not to foster the idea that there is any single “correct” position on gender roles and gendered behaviors; rather, we will be using the topic as a framework for critical thinking, and as such students are not only encouraged but also expected to challenge some of the positions in the assigned texts. At the end of the course you will be asked to apply the ideas you have learned from the readings, to engage critically the concepts studied, and to write about gender issues in a cogent manner. Writing All writing for this course will be word processed, in standard manuscript form, and ad- hering to correct MLA format. You will complete four substantial essays over the course of the semester, three of which will be discussed and evaluated in conference, which I will then return with comments and suggestions for revision; these are not “drafts” but essays and will be evaluated as such . It is then YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to revise the essay as many times as you see fit until you are satisfied that the essay is strong enough to be included in your final portfolio. You must submit all four essays to pass
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701-10-007 - English 701:007 Introduction to Academic...

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