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701-essay1-mw - ENGL 701/Winch Fall 10 ESSAY ONE Choose one...

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ENGL 701/Winch Fall ‘10 ESSAY ONE Choose one of the following options and write a clear, concise, properly documented essay . Length : an absolute minimum of three full pages; this means not two and one-half or two and three-quarters, but THREE pages plus your works cited. Due : Either Wednesday, September 23 or Monday, September 28, depending on which day your conference is scheduled. Objectives : this essay asks you to summarize and highlight the main points and support- ing evidence of multiple essays in order to form an educated position which best ad- dresses the central issue or question framed within the larger nature vs. nurture debate and apply your conclusions to your assessment of American culture. Option 1 : Faustino-Sterling and Garber maintain that the sexual dichotomy of male/female, homo/hetero, and masculine/feminine which underwrites our gender ideology not only denies fundamental biology, but is wholly inadequate for constructing an accurate model
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