Chapter6 - Food Preservation Chapter 6 When bacteria grow...

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9/28/09 1 Chapter 6 Nutrition, Media, and Growth Food Preservation When bacteria grow in food, it is spoiled There are many ways to deny bacteria their growth requirements = preserving food Physical Growth Requirements Temperature pH Osmotic Pressure Temperature Ranges Minimum is the lowest temperature where growth occurs Maximum is the highest Best growth at optimum temperature Temperature Ranges Psychrophiles cold temperatures Mesophiles medium temperatures Thermophiles hot temperatures Growth in Cold Strict psychrophiles live in the deep ocean or polar regions Optimum temperature = 15°C Unable to grow at our room temperature! Psychrotrophs have optimum of 20-30°C, but can grow slowly in a refrigerator (5°C)
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9/28/09 2 Mesophiles Most common type of microbe In bodies of animals, adapted to 37°C Normal microbiota Human pathogens Thermophiles Optimum temperature 50-60°C (hot water tap) Some Archaea are extreme thermophiles Optimum 80°C or higher Live in hot sulfur springs or ocean vents Fig. 6.1 pH Requirements Most bacteria like neutral range, 6.5 to 7.5
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Chapter6 - Food Preservation Chapter 6 When bacteria grow...

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