Chapter14 - Definitions Chapter 14 Pathology study of...

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11/23/09 1 Chapter 14 Disease and Epidemiology Definitions Pathology - study of disease Etiology - the cause of a disease Pathogenesis - how a disease develops Infection vs. Disease Infection is when pathogenic microorganisms are in the body Disease is when you are sick (You can have infection without disease) Normal Microbiota They establish themselves after birth, in body parts exposed to food or air 10 13 human cells 10 14 bacterial cells Distribution Factors Nutrients Physical and chemical environment Host defenses Mechanical factors Example: Normal Microbiota of the Mouth Nutrients: available Physical /chemical environment: Moisture, warmth Host defenses: Saliva contains lysozyme Mechanical factors: Chewing, swallowing, and saliva rinsing action loosen microbes
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11/23/09 2 Transient Microbiota Temporarily on hands or elsewhere Present for a short while but do not persist Symbiosis Two species living together Commensalism - one benefits, one not affected Mutualism - both benefit Parasitism - one benefits, one is harmed Benefits of Normal Microbiota Intestinal bacteria produce some vitamins Microbial antagonism (Existing bacteria use resources and create environment that discourages other, possibly pathogenic, bacteria) Germ-free lab animals have underdeveloped immunity, need more vitamins Opportunistic Pathogens Only cause disease in unusual areas of body or
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Chapter14 - Definitions Chapter 14 Pathology study of...

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