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analyticalresponse - Analytical Writing Response Assignment...

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Analytical Writing Response Assignment: In order to develop and appreciate the keen awareness of narrative/poetic forms, themes, images, literary styles/movements, and historical contexts, you will be asked to write 4 detailed analyses of one (or more) quote(s) of your choice. The quote can be selected from any part of the reading assigned previous to the last written response, and it can be as short as one line or as long as an entire paragraph. The focus of your analysis should be on the (literary) details of the quote (tone, voice, images, irony) and/ or the narrative form as a whole (narrator, characterization, conflict). Consider how form, style, structure, themes, and voice reflect the Modernist literary period. Depending on your quote, you may also consider critical details (social/internalized oppression, exoticism, double-consciousness). Most importantly your analysis should focus very closely on the details of the quote (unpack the quote), and then it can make
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