Exam 5 review (for students)

Exam 5 review (for students) - Early forms of racial...

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What restaurant chain was accused of discrimination? African American health concerns (more likely to experience…) Prejudice and Discrimination 1954 Supreme Court ruling Xenophobia Nativism Diversity across and within Latino, African American, Asian American, American Indian, and Middle Eastern groups includes… Dominant and Minority Groups How many racial and ethnic groups are there within U.S society? Sociological definition of race Conflict theorists’ view of prejudice Who studied Authoritarian personality? Fair weather bigot Anti-Semitism Peggy McIntosh/ “Invisible knapsack” Multiculturalism The “one-drop” rule Institutional Discrimination Psychological Assimilation Richard and Mildred Lovings Why do sociologists study race? Split-labor A “pure” race
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Unformatted text preview: Early forms of racial categorization in the U.S Which state was the last to get rid of miscegenation laws? Scapegoating Segregation of Fraternities and Sororities Trail of Tears Stereotyping Internal Colonialism Blocked Assimilation Adorno and prejudice People who are prejudice against one racial group are likely Those who are less prejudice tend to be All weather bigot Conflict perspectives on racial/ethnic relations Genocide Social Distance Scale Can our population now be considered multiracial? Are white ethnics discriminated against as well? What percentage of voters in South Carolina voted to keep the law against miscegenation? How many Americans report being of more than one race?...
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Exam 5 review (for students) - Early forms of racial...

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