Lab2 - task and get same value in t1 3 Using the functions...

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CS 284 Algorithms Summer semester 2010 Lab 2 Lab objectives: - Understand how the recurrence relations work. - Understand the recurrence relations having order ( n log(n) ) solutions. Related chapter(s): 4. Lab instructions (steps): 1. Write the following program and run it. #include <time.h> #include <iostream> #include <stdio.h> using namespace std; int t0( int n); int t1( int n); int t2( int n); int t3( int n); int t4( int n); void main() { cout << "comparing the recursive and iterative functions representing a recurence relation:" <<endl; cout << "n\t" << "t0(n)\t" << "t1(n)\t" <<endl; cout << "--------------------" << endl; for ( int n=2; n<=256; n*=2){ cout << n << "\t" <<t0(n)<< "\t" <<t1(n)<<endl; } } int t0( int n){ int res=0; // your code here return res; } int t1( int n){ if (n<=0) return 0; return 6 + t1(n-3); } int t2( int n){ if (n<=1) return 1; return 2*n + t2(n-1); } int t3( int n){ // your code here } int t4( int n){ // your code here } 2. Implement the function t0 using iterative loop (for or while) to do the same
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Unformatted text preview: task and get same value in t1. 3. Using the functions t1 and t2 as guidelines, implement the function t3 corresponding to a divide-and-conquer algorithm where you have 2 subproblems, each of size n/2 (using linear time for dividing and combining solutions). Implement the function t4 similarly, but with 4 subproblems each of size n/4. 4. Give the recurrence relation for each of t1, t2, t3 and t4. 5. What is the solution of each recurrence relation in part 4 (you may use asymptotic notation)? Function t1 t2 t3 t4 Solution 6. Give print out of the results. Tasks: 1) Hand in the function t0. 2) Hand in the function t3. 3) Hand in the function t4. 4) Hand in the output of step 6. 5) Hand in recurrence relation from step 4. 6) Hand in the table of step 5....
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Lab2 - task and get same value in t1 3 Using the functions...

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