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01A SYS635 Syllabus FA05 - SYS635 ADAPTIVE CONTROL...

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SYS635 ADAPTIVE CONTROL SYSTEMS (ACS) – FALL 2005 Instructor: Prof. Ka C. Cheok , Rm 102G SEB, 248-370-2232, [email protected] Classroom/ time: Automotive Mechatronics Lab 116 SEB 9:00 – 12:30 Sat Laboratories Automotive Mechatronics Lab 116 SEB Microcontroller Systems Lab 120 SEB Your own PC Prerequisite: Systems & signal theory (math modeling, system properties, continuous-time, discrete-time) Some background in programming &simulation: Matlab/Simulink Some background in controls: classical and/or modern, analog and/or digital) control and estimation systems. (SYS431, SYS433, SYS630, SYS674 or SYS633) Text book: Karl J. Astrom and Bjorn Wittenmark, Adaptive Control , 2 nd edition, Addison-Wesley 1995. Lennart Ljung, System Identification , PrenticeHall, 1999 Reference books: R.R. Bead, M. Gevers & V. Wertz, Adaptive Optimal Control – AThe Thinking Man’s GPC, Prentice-Hall, 1990. P.P. Kanjilal, Adaptive Prediction and Predictive Control , IEE,1995 K. Narenda, Stable Adaptive Systems, 1992 Chatham, Adaptive Control , 1991 Course objective:
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