StickOnWheelDynamics_B - G(1,1) = MS*9.81*L*sin(ThetaS); G...

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function [ThetaSDD_ThetaWDD] = StickOnWheelDynamics_B(In) f MS = In(1); IS = In(2); RS = In(3); MW = In(4); IW = In(5); RW = In(6); L = In(7); DS= In(8); DW = In(9); GearedTorq = In(10); ThetaSD = In(11); ThetaWD = In(12); T ThetaS = In(13); ThetaW = In(14); T J(1,1) = MS*L^2 + IS; J(1,2) = MS*RW*L*cos(ThetaS); J D(1,1) = -DS*(ThetaSD-ThetaWD);
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Unformatted text preview: G(1,1) = MS*9.81*L*sin(ThetaS); G J(2,1) = MS*RW*L*cos(ThetaS); J(2,2) = (MS+MW)*RW^2+IW; D(2,1) = MS*RW*L*sin(ThetaS)*ThetaSD^2 - DS*ThetaWD -DW*(ThetaWD+ThetaSD); G(2,1) = 0; G T = [-GearedTorq; GearedTorq]; T ThetaSDD_ThetaWDD = J\(G + D +T); T...
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