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Appendix B cjs 230 - Which option(front-end solutions...

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Which option (front-end solutions, double bunking, or back-end solutions) do you feel is the most effective in our correctional system? Explain your rationale I feel that front end solutions are the most effective. Front end solutions offer a lot of different options to keep people out of prisons. They may range from community programs, such as churches, school programs, boys and girls club, and mentoring. There are also programs that are offered after someone gets in trouble. These can range from probation, community service, and house arrest. Over all anything that can reform a person and keep them out of jail is the best thing for cost and population. What is the role and purpose of privatization? The role and purpose of privatization of the prison system is cost. The privatization is meant to control and lower the cost of operating a prison. There are two ways that this is done. The first is for a private company to build and maintain a prison. They then lease this prison out to the state for a fee. The second
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