CJS 230 finial - A World Apart By: Joshua Nyland 1/14/10...

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A World Apart By: Joshua Nyland 1/14/10 University of Phoenix
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run there prison system there are many similarities. Some countries focus on punishment and deterrence, and some on rehabilitation. In this paper I will be looking at the prison system of Singapore and comparing it to that of America. Which one is best all depends on the view one takes on the criminal justice system. America has a large and diverse pick of prison institutions. The American prison system consists of six main different types of prison institutions, private prisons, super maximum security, podular/direct supervision, regional jails, secure mental health facilities, and boot camp incarceration. The super max prison is used to house long term dangerous criminals. This prison has the lowest population rate. Private jails are not nearly as numerous was state and federal prisons, but there popularity is rising. The podular prisons concept is a newer one. This is a lower to medium security prison. It uses general population cells to house a larger amount of people instead of single cells. Regional jails are jails that encompass more the one district in one jail. Boot camps are a minimum security incarceration that is used mostly for a type of rehabilitation. Singapore has a different set up; because of their size compared to America they have far fewer prisons and fewer types of prisons. Singapore has a super max type of prison, short term prisons, and rehabilitation incarceration. Due to the size of Singapore there are not that many prisons, compared to America. There are ten prisons in Singapore they are, Queenstown Prison is and adult male short term prison. There is Changi Prison, this is a long term prison housing adult males sentenced to five or more years. One of the newest prisons is the Tanah Merah Prison; “this newly built prison is equipped with advanced security features and communications equipment. Inaugurated in late 1993, it
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CJS 230 finial - A World Apart By: Joshua Nyland 1/14/10...

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