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Prisoner rights (Autosaved) - Prisoner Rights By Joshua...

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Prisoner Rights By: Joshua Nyland 11/12/10
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Prisoner rights are a heavily debated issue. It seems to be agreed by most that prisoners are entitled to some rights. Where the debate comes in is what rights are concerned basic human rights and need to be given to prisoners. On one end some think that people are going into prison to be punished and they only right they should have is to be kept alive. On the other end are the ones who think that prisoner’s basic rights are being violated in prison. This paper will go through the issue of prisoner rights. There are positive and negative rights on all of the prisoners. The positives of prisoner rights are that the prisoners feel human, happy, and can be easier to work with. There mental health is stronger, and there release into society easier. The negatives are that to many rights may take away from the punishment of prison. Too few rights may make prisoners disgruntle. They can get mental problems, and find it harder to live in society upon release. The rights of all people have always been a very important topic in America. Prisoners are not excluded from this. In fact prisoners are included in the Bill of Rights since 1791. This is
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Prisoner rights (Autosaved) - Prisoner Rights By Joshua...

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