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Assignment Week 8 I received different feedback on my essay from different sources that will help me in creating a well written essay. The first source of feedback that I received was from instructor that stated that I need to greatly improve my essay by following the APA format as my essay did not follow the format as instructed. The second source of feedback was provided by the plagiarism checker. After submitting my essay for review the checker determined that 1% of my essay was a match to the internet which was a sentence ( cause a
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Unformatted text preview: person's heart rate and blood pressure to rise) that was from an article in reference to home remedies. The final source of feedback was provided by writepoint which recommended that I review my essay for punctuation errors as many necessary and proper punctuation marks were not present in my first draft of the essay. All these sources of feedback were very helpful as the necessary corrections will be made based on the feedback that was provided by the three sources....
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