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CheckPoint Week 2 - ideas into a productive essay since I...

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CheckPoint Week 2 Based on the material that I have read, the writing style that I have been accustomed to is very different in comparison to the new material. In my current writing style I have always included both facts and opinions when discussing a topic however the new writing style focuses more on presenting facts to support the thesis statement. The easiest step in the writing process for me to complete is the prewriting step as I always have several ideas floating in my head in reference to what I will be writing about and the different subtopics that are to be included in the essay or research document. The most difficult part of the writing process that become a major obstacle is actually drafting my
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Unformatted text preview: ideas into a productive essay since I usually elaborate on my ideas as they come along and has proven to contain insufficient evidence to support the facts. The best way to overcome the drafting obstacle is to utilize all available resources when transferring though to paper as this method will provide sufficient evidence to support my initial topic of discussion. By utilizing my strengths, I will be able to overcome my obstacles such as having sufficient resources to help elaborate my initial ideas and keep the readers entertained and interested in the material that they are reading....
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