Final Exam Week 9 - The Effects of Long Term Exposure to...

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The Effects of Long Term Exposure to Violent Media on Society today Carlos A. Ochoa COM 150 Final Exam
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Grand Theft Auto, SAW, Halloween, Call of Duty and Call of Juarez, These names bring to mind the most violent and gruesome forms of violent media available today. These titles are the subject of many controversies over what is considered as extremely violent media that has identified as the main contributor to violent crimes in society today. Many members of society have always seen violent media that includes video games, musical lyrics, and movies as a harmful tool that has led to an increase in violent crime. Even though young members of society are to different violent media, there is no solid evidence that they will emulate what they see or play and commit a violent crime based on the different media. With the advancements of technology today, there are more reasons today in comparison to other times that members of society place blame for the increase in violence. Many professionals have performed numerous studies to obtain a definite solution to this ever growing scenario; however they have yet to obtain the solution that can be proven and supported without a reasonable doubt to this scenario. The question that remains unanswered is does long term exposure to violent media trigger aggressive and violent behavior. Studies have shown that exposure to violent media such as movies, music and video games have not played a major role in the increase of violent crimes. Research studies over the last 10 year in reference to video games have helped many professionals obtain a clear understanding of how violent media affects a person in both short and long term exposure to violent media especially in terms of video games (Anderson, C. A. (2011, Jan/Feb). Violent Video Games and Other Media Violence (Part I). .., Vol 27 (Issue 1), 28-30.). Society’s belief is that even though video games have not been around as long as television, they both have the same effects on the perception of the
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Final Exam Week 9 - The Effects of Long Term Exposure to...

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