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Assignment Week 3 In one of the ads, Progressive insurance paid to create this ad in order to provide the public with information on how much money can be saved in comparison to other competitors. This ad shows the potential clients the different amount of costs from other companies in comparison to progressive. The ad from Wendy's shows that the company offers good food for a low price. This ad was created and paid for by Wendy's in order to attract more customers. There is not any type of slant in this ad as its primary purpose is to promote there .99 menu. Both ads show that people are always looking for a good deal that can fit their budget. Both of the ads are credible as they were created by two companies with an established history. After viewing the clip, I feel that Giuliani is bias against the Iraqi/Arab society in the way that he expects them to attack again. He does make some valid points in that the attack has hurt the country however it has also brought the country together. The source is credible as he is a
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Unformatted text preview: high ranking official in the state and therefore could be considered very credible however he strongly feels that a future attack is eminent in the future. This news clip is bias in some ways and could also be considered not bias; it is all based on a person’s perception. The Progressive Ad attempts to make the claim that Progressive Insurance has a better rate than other companies however a viewer must read the notice at the bottom of the ad as results may vary based on the situation. The other person in the ad displays information that shows the price of other insurance companies in comparison. The ad targets the concern of every person that being cost, by stating that Progressive has lower costs many potential clients will begin to gather information about the company and services provided. I personally feel that I would need more information not only from Progressive but from other companies as well before making any type of purchase....
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