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Assignment Week 7 After reading the essay, the first argument that was identified is that members of our society care less about the number of people who lost their lives in the earthquake that devastated Gujarat, India as opposed to the reaction of society when members of our own society lost their lives. The second argument that was identified in the essay is our society has imposed a self- label of being terrorist targets when we should be worried about our neighbors and friends who operate motor vehicles. These two arguments do not contain any type of information that supports the conclusions that the author states in the essay. The author needs to provide more information that can strengthen the overall argument The conclusions of the arguments included in this essay fail
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Unformatted text preview: to prove the overall point due to the insufficient information included. To make these arguments valid beyond a doubt, more details should be included such as facts that support the argument and statements that can be proven however the lack of stats and verifiable information have caused these arguments to be defined as weak or invalid arguments. This arguments can possibly be proven true however information that can be proven without a doubt would have to be included or these arguments are open to be debated with the possibility of multiple conclusions due to the lack of information. These arguments do provide a very small valid point, there is simply not enough information to make a strong valid argument....
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