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Critical Thinking is a major skill that we use in everyday like when faced with many different scenarios. Critical thinking affects the way we read, write and process information as we begin to observe and study information in a way that helps us to view all aspects rather than certain points in order to develop a solid conclusion in regards to the information that we have studied. When reading and article we as the reader will evaluate and study the information that we have read and form certain views on the topic based on the information that was provided. When utilizing critical thinking in reference to advertising or the media, we tend to look at the view that is perceived by these two types of information providers. We as views must make every attempt to
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Unformatted text preview: view all aspects of what the media is reporting and the advertisements that various companies utilize to garner more business. A perfect example of how a viewer should utilize critical thinking is the recent reports of border violence. The media shows the negative aspect of this ongoing feud which allows us to believe that Mexico is completely unsafe however there are certain parts of Mexico which are not as bad as the media makes up believe. Critical thinking is a skill that we use everyday in conversations that we have with friends, family or co-workers. When engaged in conversations, we begin to absorb the information and develop either a response or even argument in regards to the topic being discussed in order to create an effective conclusion....
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