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CheckPoint 1 Week 7 2. This statement is possible true or possibly false as there is really no way to prove that the next year will yield the same amount of rain as the year before. Unless every year prior has yielded the same amount of rain, there is evidence to support that the result will be the same 3. This statement is probably true as there are many factors to consider such as the price of gasoline and the condition of the engine. Many people have found that vehicles expend more gasoline while traveling in the city settings as opposed to the open road and therefore gasoline may be expended much quicker. 4. This statement again is possibly false. While there is an established pattern over the last couple of years there is no assurance that the result of the nomination next year will yield the same result as the previous three years. 6. This statement is probably true as over the years many members of society have relied on
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