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CheckPoint Taking a Position Week 1 The comic strip shows a co-worker how to make more money by exploiting a flaw in the company’s computer system involving payroll. A former employee found the system flaw and passed the information to another worker before leaving the company on how to defraud the company by increasing her own salary without anybody in the company discovering the flaw. Anita decided to suspend judgment on any action regarding the newfound information that she obtained but taking some time to examine her current financial situation and the potential consequences that she can face if she is ever caught which would impact the rest of her life but the company as well. After taking some time to consider her options, she decides to contact the Human Resource Hotline about the unauthorized action being taken by other workers instead of taking the suggested course of action that her fellow co-worker is doing to defraud the company. I have had a situation that is similar to the comic strip that occurred while I was the
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